John Rode
John Rode
March 23, 2015



The Causes of SaaS Churn and How to Prevent It [infographic]

The seeds of SaaS churn are planted early and deep. Respondents to our recent poll placed poor on-boarding (23%) and underperforming product (20%) are the leading causes of customer churn for SaaS businesses. But that certainly doesn't mean you can ignore the "long tail" of churn - ineffective relationship building, overselling, poor customer service,  customer org change and weak customer marketing. Check out our causes of churn infographic below for more insight and tips on how to prevent Saas churn!


Solving SaaS churn requires a thorough review of each stage of your customers' journey. What makes for an outstanding experience from their perspective? This must go beyond your internal processes, so set aside the checklists (for now) and focus on how to usher customers through to realize their success.



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